How many times have you stood at the supermarket and wondered which of the many varieties of tomato to choose from.

Here is great article listing all the types of tomatoes for gardeners to grow http://tomato.com.au/tomato-varieties/  and explains the differences between them.

It’s got some great information on it but seriously who has time for all that research when you have to do the shopping and then the other many things still to fit into your day.

At the supermarket -my rule of thumb is put your nose to the test. The best way to nut out the sweetest tomatoes are to smell them. In the larger varieties I prefer truss tomatoes. Smaller cherry tomato varieties are always the sweetest. My favourite is Sweet Solanato.

They should smell sweet and fruity.

The best way to check on the freshness of tomatoes is to pick them up and run your thumb over the tomato skin. If it’s firm and doesn’t separate from the flesh – it’s one to buy.

With the convenience that we have of being able to go shopping every day – only buy what you need for a couple of days and rather than put them in the refrigerator when you get home – put them in a bowl on the kitchen bench until you are ready to use them. They will not only ripen up nicely but they will gain flavour in the process.

If you are cooking them – don’t forget to add some sugar to bring out the richness in the flavour. I prefer brown sugar as it gives them a nice caramel taste.

If you have a spare pot on the patio or a sunny spot in the garden, plant tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are my favourite as they are just such a great crop taking only a short time to mature and fruit.

A warm hug from Nanna!